>Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Just "Friends"?

28 Jun


Recently, Selena Gomez had an interview with Boston Globe on 14th of June, 2011. This interview was held to talk about Selena Gomez’s new movie named “Monte Carlo”. and her relationship.
When Boston asked Selena Gomez that which is your favorite song by Justin Bieber then, Selena said,

My favorite song changes every day. Right now it’s probably ‘Up’ or ‘Never Let You Go

And then Boston asked her “Which is your least favorite song by Justin Bieber?”. Selena Gomez replied”

I don’t think I’d be a “very good friend” if I said a least favorite. I don’t think there is a song I don’t like!

Huh? Just friends? Are they breaking up? What you say? Answer in comments.

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