>Justin Bieber: “Hopefully the Next Album Will Be Huge”

30 Jun


Justin Bieber’s last album was a great hit. All his videos has a lot of views on YouTube and we are now waiting for the next album of Justin Bieber. In a recent interview of Justin Bieber by MTV, Bieber said that he is working hard. When MTV asked him about his album, he said”

I want to work a lot with myself. And [I want to] write a lot myself. I will be working with a lot of other producers and stuff like that, but I’m just writing a lot, writing on tour.”[I’m] writing about how I feel and producing. I’ve been producing on my laptop and on my computer. I’ve been really into it and, hopefully, this next album will be huge.

I’ve done a lot on my acoustic guitar, so it’s gonna have that vibe. I’m not gonna really limit myself. I think music is music, and genre, I mean, I know there’s country music, there’s rock music, but my music is different. My voice is not meant for any style. I just want to make music.

Still we don’t know that when will his next album release.

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Posted by on June 30, 2011 in News, Songs



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