Justin Bieber Got in a Car accident!

06 Sep
Justin Bieber Got in a Car accident!

Justin Bieber recently got in a car accident in his cool car Ferrari. His car was pristine on Tuesday afternoon. This accident was happened in El Lay streets in Los Angeles. The Authorities of that area in LA confirmed to access Hollywood that Biebs was involved in the collision around noon PT.

Justin Bieber accident

According to the police of the same area, they have stated that Justin Bieber’s Ferrari was collided with Honda Civic. LA Police Department also stated that when Justin Bieber was driving the Ferrari, he also had a passenger with him. He was probably his assistant. We don’t know the truth that who was that. Maybe it was Selena Gomez or someone else.

Justin Bieber photos

Well, there is a Good news that Justin Bieber or anybody else not get injured and I also have a better news which is Justin Bieber doesn’t own the car he was diving.

TMZ said that Justin’s people called Police but, there was not enough damage to take a report. It was not a serious case.


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